Mexico Nature Tours

Mexico Nature Tours, Jeff Chemnick
Jeff Chemnick
Professional Guide

Mexico Nature Tours is a company owned and operated by Jeff Chemnick of Santa Barbara, California. Tours are designed to lead botanists, birders, biologists, and general nature enthusiasts on ecotours in Mexico.

Jeff has been exploring the natural history of Mexico for over thirty years, specializing in botanical and avian fieldwork as well as research in entomology. In response to requests through the years from botanists and birders, Jeff began leading nature ecotours in 1995. Currently, he leads several trips a year, mostly botanical excursions in southern Mexico with emphasis on the state of Oaxaca.

Mexico Botanical Eco Tours

Jeff’s eco-tours have included a diverse group of participants. Ranging from professional botanists and ornithologists to horticultural enthusiasts and avid bird watchers. Everyone is welcome! The usual group size ranges from 5 to 8 participants but has varied as much as 2 to 16 participants. Custom designed tours are welcome.