"I will be president of your fan club! I had a fantastic time. This trip is a high point in a life already replete in wonderful experiences."
"What more can I say but thank you for the best time of my life. It was like a dream that I did not want to stop."
"I had an amazing good time. I can't recognize myself on pictures as I look so happy!"
"You have an amazing energy level and positive personality. It felt like such a gift to not only be in a part of the world I have come to love but to be there in your presence, witnessing you win people over, disarm them with your humor, and see how you shaped and responded to the group dynamics, personalities and quirks with patience, concern and a genuine interest in keeping everyone learning and engaged in a positive way. You never wore down/gave up. You anticipate and reflect with great awareness, sensitivity and professionalism. You have special talents, as a naturalist yes, but even more so in your ability to work with people, it seems to me. Your intellect, quick wit, articulateness, and fun loving nature sure makes it fun to be in your presence. Thank you for sharing yourself and a place you love so generously with us. I'd be glad to be an enthusiastic reference for you should future potential trip participants be looking for reactions and I hope you'll keep me on your mailing list to notify of future trip openings."
"Thank you for a truly fabulous trip. It really was wonderful in so many different ways!: day after day of extraordinary plants, really good food, dramatic scenery, and a terrific group of people. But most of all, you were very special — and my view of men is greatly expanded, as I used to believe it was only women who were proficient at multi-tasking! — But you could safely drive a bus with 8 people, while remembering routes and places from 5 years ago, naming birds and plants with full Latin genus and species while you drove, and remaining calm and good humored — and seemingly not exhausted — even after a terrifically long day when you patiently then ordered dinner for 16 and also made breakfast plans. My sincere thanks for a great, great trip!"
"Hi Jeff, thank you for a great tour. I'm missing Mexico already!"
"Thank you, Jeff, for accepting me as a member of the group, for developing the perfect itinerary for me to experience and for your enthusiasm, competence and winning personality and sharing so much of yourself so that I could learn, first hand, of other ways to experience novelty in life. You are a very gracious, knowledgeable, considerate and charming man! Now there are more doors open to me that will expand my ability to introduce my children and grandchildren to experiences, I would never have considered without such a successful "Mexico" experiment, that will enrich all of our lives in so many ways over time."
"Dear Jeff,
Your ears must have been burning over the last month, as I have been singing your praises far and wide."
"Thanks again to you for an incredible experience! And thanks to everyone for being such wonderful travel companions."
"Thank you once again for a fantastic trip. It was a wonderfully restoring trip for me, being able to ride in the van not having to worry about where we slept or what we ate."
"Many many thanks to you for a fantastic experience. I had no idea of the enormous diversity of the Mexican food, culture, geography, geology, anthropology and biology. It was an eye-opener in that respect, but it was also great fun. You did great."
"I had a wonderful time in Mexico and thought you did a great job. I wouldn’t hesitate to go with you anywhere in Latin America. It was great to just go along for the ride. I felt completely at ease with your lead, and thanks for the help on the birds that you located. I got at least half of the lifers I wanted which is about as good as it ever gets."
"Thanks, Jeff, for including me on this Ecotrip and making it so enjoyable, rewarding and enlightening."
"A quick e-mail to say thank you very much for the fantastic excursion to Oaxaca. I really did enjoy myself immensely and I haven't laughed so much since May, or was it June! You obviously worked extremely hard in planning and implementing the trip, which went swimmingly. There was NEVER a dull moment! I really did learn a great deal and was truly ore inspired by the range of habitat types and the plants. The excursion was a fantastic experience and one which I will never forget - Thank you"